Lover’s Sanctuary

Cinema4D + VR

Lover’s Sanctuary is a digital environment created in Cinema4D; a romantic retreat for couples inspired by retro and vaporwave aesthetics.
American Born Chinese

Multimedia Body of Work

American Born Chinese (ABC) is a project dedicated to celebrating and reconciling with my Chinese-American identity. The game of mahjong has been pivotal in the development, and is the central theme of the project as a medium of communication.


I created a variety of work, experimenting with different ways to express feelings about my identity and upbringing. I created risograph prints, designed a patterned mural, read Sour Heart by Jenny Zhang, laser-cut mahjong earrings, and conducted research on the history of mahjong before coming to the realization that mahjong has been a recurrent theme in my work. To me, the game has been a favorite pastime and more importantly, a medium of communication.

Shop the earrings here.

Helium Logo Animation

Branding + Cinema4D +
Motion Graphics

Helium Studios is a fictional production company for animated films (think Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks). Many of the characters in children’s animated films have big, round heads—like balloons! Thus, Helium Studios.

This project utilizes Cinema4D and After Effects.

Samsung Text

UX Design
A project that seeks to improve Samsung Text and integrate many features users enjoy on other messaging platforms to create a more friendly and compatible experience for Samsung and iPhone users.


Android and Apple have a long-standing rivalry between their products which causes friction when Android and iPhone users try to communicate with each other using their respective platforms. Several iPhone features, such as emojis and reactions, don’t carry over to Android. As a result, it is frustrating when Android users text iPhone users (and vice versa) because they cannot access or reciprocate certain features.


Redesign features of Samsung Text to create a more friendly and accessible experience.  


Prior to prototyping, I conducted user interviews on several people who are currently Android users, as well as a former Android user who now uses iPhone.

Based on the responses, I identified several areas of Samsung Text that could be improved to create a more dynamic texting experience for the user: reactions to messages, message status, typing indicator, greater variety of keyboard features, improved group chat, and sending media easily. 


I determined which features of messaging platforms are the most successful and user-friendly, and created rough wireflows of the screens.


I also created user personas to better understand the types of people who are expected to use the website.


I referenced the design guidelines for Samsung’s Galaxy interface and improved upon areas I saw fit, such as the color palette, keyboard widgets, and whitespace.

I also created a set of gifs to better show the animation and fluidity of the improved Samsung features.

Check out the prototype here

UX Design

Collaboration with
Stacey Lee, Zoey
Russomano, and
Lauren Sliker

Cine is an online service that combines video calling and content streaming together into a unified experience. With Cine, friends can listen to music and watch movies as if they were together in person.

Content streaming will be a shared experience. Users will be able to stream from one unified point to both save bandwidth and ensure the same content will be reflected on the screens of all viewers. Cine also collaborates with streaming services such as Netflix, Youtube, and Spotify to provide a variety of viewing options within the service.


Virtual watch parties are intended to mimic watching with friends in person, however, there are several aspects that cause friction in the experience, such as difficulty coordinating start/pause times, chatting, and loading content.


Create an engaging and intuitive web service that allows people to host watch parties with their friends and family seamlessly.


User interviews were conducted to determine how people interacted with friends online and what they are looking for in a program like Cine.  We touched upon three topics: 
Top takeaways: 
1. Privacy concerns of users
2. Communication and engagement features
3. Foster communities within the service 
4. Distinction between competitor services



User personas were created to better understand the types of people who are expected to use the product. We considered the needs of people from a range of ages, from high schoolers to middle-aged adults. 


During the wire framing stage, my group and I developed the dark mode version of Cine, and carefully picked a purple shade for the logo and website accents that works in both dark and light mode. We also applied consistent styling to all the pages throughout the site.


Discover tab animation
Group member list options


The home page is where the user can see their friends list, message friends, and manage their groups. Users can also schedule group hangouts in advance for convenience. When the user enters a group, they are brought to an interface where they can choose something to watch from the discover tab, message and/or video call with group members, and set group rules.

Check out the prototype here!